Foot fetishist: all you need to know about foot fetish

Paraphilia widespread, foot fetishism is an ancestral sexual practice and widely illustrated in literature or cinema. Just as the partner may have a particular fascination with latex underwear, the foot fetishist loves a part of the body whose erotic potential is not apparent.

Foot fetishism: pathology or sexual orientation?

The foot fetishist is more often the man. Worshiping the feet of his partner, he makes it a central element of their sexuality: seeing, caressing, feeling or licking a foot stimulates his desire, provokes his excitement and increases his pleasure tenfold. Unusual practice, like other paraphilias such as sadomasochism or disguise, foot fetishism can question: is it a mere fantasy or is it a real pathology?

Foot fetishism has been around since ancient times

The Indian Kamasutra, dating back to the 6th century, already mentions sexual practices centered on the feet. During the epidemics of sexually transmitted diseases in Europe in the sixteenth century, the craze for the feet as a fetish is also developing particularly. Over the centuries, the arts take up this fascination and diminish the deviant connotation. Photographer Elmer Batters, but also director Quentin Tarantino and singer Ricky Martin claim to be foot fetishists. The question continues to arise: can foot fetishism become a pathological obsession?

The sexuality of foot fetish disturbed by his fantasy

Many men and women are fetishists. Lingerie lace, body fluids, muscular torso…various objects and body parts cause instant desire and extreme excitement. But this adoration can take several degrees: fantasizing about Ryan Reynolds abs does not necessarily prevent experiencing sexual pleasure in the absence of the person, fortunately. Similarly, when the partner’s foot is elevated to a fantasy level, staging during sex may not always condition orgasm. But some forms of foot fetishism reach a substantial degree to the point that the fetishist enjoys only through the feet. In this case, the fad can become problematic within the couple. Some lend themselves to the game and accept the fetishism of their partner, integrating it into their sexuality sometimes even to add a dose of unusual. Others fail to meet the needs of the fetishist fully.

When feet become the sine qua non-condition of the fetishist’s sexual pleasure


Their smell, their touch, their appearance or even their taste stimulates them to the point of making them indispensable elements of the sexual act: the feet can take disproportionate importance for the partner. The foot fetishist, himself, may suffer from his paraphilia when he is no longer able to experience pleasure in the absence of a foot.

Another case, in the context of a relationship of a night. Lovers do not know their own sexual inclinations: to see their partner observe, kiss or touch his feet insistently can be surprising, sometimes crippling.

Also, a common consequence of foot fetishism: the fetishist considers this part of the body intimate to the point that it does not support that they are disclosed in public. Impossible to be barefoot even in summer.

Podophilia: foot fetish spreads to shoes

In technical terms, foot fetishism is akin to podophilia. If podophilia refers to the adoration of the barefoot, the foot fetishist can be excited by all the accessories that adorn this part of the body by highlighting it. It can be jewelry – toe ring or anklet – or stockings and tights. Shoes often represent a fantasy object related to foot fetishism: heels with high heels, thongs unveiling the foot or leather boots are then used in the context of the sexuality of the fetishist to achieve a more intense pleasure.

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